We want you to call our podcast for a reading with Cindy Kaza!

On January 16, Calling Out would like to have a couple call in for a reading. Please message us here, or Twitter us @CallingOutToday to get a chance for a free reading! Tell us about yourself! Why would you and your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend like a free reading with an amazing Clairvoyant? Cindy Kaza will join us all the way from Nashville Tennessee!

7 thoughts on “We want you to call our podcast for a reading with Cindy Kaza!

  1. Hello Susan and everyone,

    Please please please do a reading with me. I have Needed this for a long time and have some really good questions!! Thank you!

  2. I would love a reading. I’m a 32 year old woman with a 14 month old, a husband of 5 years. I have a lot of questions regarding my new family, work ventures and would love to connect with some family members that have crossed and to confirm the recent activity I’ve been experiencing is the other side contacting me.

    BTW I’m frantically checking for a new episode, I need my Calling Out fix!

    1. We would love to have you! Gina and I will be back at the Podcast One Studios this THURSDAY! We will have something new for your to hear ASAP! Thank-you for supporting our show. Check out our blog CallingOutWithSusanPinsky.com for updates and PodcastOne.com to find our new shows!

      Bless you,

      Susan Pinsky

  3. I would love a reading! I’m really curious if my son has some psychics abilities. He’s now 10, but when he was small he would talk about people that were not there…. it was very cool! He hasn’t done it in a long time.

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